US ARMY - Collar Insigna (Officer)

Air Forces

Armored Force

Coast Artillery

Field Artillery


Chemical Warfare
Military Police Infantry

Signal Corps

Engineer General Staff Finance
Cavalery Special Service

Tank Destroyer

Army Band Warrant Officer Adjudant General's
National Guard Bureau General's Aid Transportation Quartermaster Inspector General's Military Intelligence
Chaplain, Jewish Chaplain, Christian Veterinary Dietitian Dental Corps Army Nurse

Medical Administrative

Physical Therapy Medical Corps Contract Surgeon Sanitation
US ARMY - Shoulder Insigna

Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF)

European Theater of Operation (ETO)

US Army - Infantry Divisions involved in the Battle of Normandy

1st Infantry Division
"Big Red One"

2nd Infantry Division
"Indian Head"

4th Infantry Division

5th Infantry Division

8th Infantry Division
"Golden Arrow"

9th Infantry Division
"Old Reliables"

28th Infantry Division

29th Infantry Division
"Blue and Gray"

30th Infantry Division
"Old Hickory"

35th Infantry Division
"Santa Fe"

79th Infantry Division
"Cross of Lorraine"

80th Infantry Division
"Blue Ridge"

82nd Airborne
"All American"

83rd Infantry Division

90th Infantry Division
"Tough Ombres"

101st Airborne
"Screaming Eagles"

US Army - Armoured Divisions involved in the Battle of Normandy

2nd Armoured Division
"Hell on Wheels"

3rd Armoured Division

4th Armoured Division

5th Armoured Division

6th Armoured Division
"Super Sixth"

Tank Destroyer

US ARMY - Miscellaneous Patchs

US STARS & STRIPES Correspondent

Yank correspondent

Official US War Photographer

US ARMY - Miscellaneous Badges

Combat Infantry badge